What is Netball? [wikipedia]

Where do we play? We play in the barn at the [British School of Brussels] in [Tervuren]. The address is:
British School of Brussels (BSB)
Leuvensesteenweg 17
3080 Tervuren
[Google Maps]

About the club... The Brussels Netball Club was formed in 2001 and now has around 60 members (both male and female). We are an amateur, social, sports club, welcoming all nationalities and abilities.

Every start of a season we will train for 2 to 3 weeks while we welcome new members. The internal league will begin after teams have been composed. Matches will then be played according to the schedule at 19h-20h, 20h-21h or 21h-22h every Monday.

The club reaches capacity each season, hence to avoid disappointment please subscribe early and make sure to come to the training sessions.

Various social events are also organised throughout the season such as quiz nights, bowling and after match drinks.

So whether you haven't played netball since school, fancy keeping fit or have never even heard of the game...come along and join us!!

If you are interested, please contact the president at [brusselsnetballclub@gmail.com]

Autum Season 2013

It's been some time since the last update on this page. In the meantime, the new Autumn season started with some training sessions. The teams have been composed and the first points have been scored. Watch this website for the team rosters, match schedule, results and rankings !

Finals Spring Season 2013

The final games of this season have been played. After an exciting final game, Sophie's Team 1 beat Lowri's Team 2 (37-25) and took home the Cup.
Final ranking:
1. T1 (Sophie)
2. T2 (Lowri)
3. T4 (Karen)
4. T3 (Gregor)
5. T5 (Katie)
6. T6 (Laragh)

Start Spring Season 2013

On 28 January 2013, a new season is about to kick off! Team compositions and fixtures are available now.

Results finals spring season 2012 - Team 3 overall winner

Monday June 4th [19:30 - 20:30] Team 6 - Team 1 [8 - 9]
Monday June 4th [20:30 - 21:30] Team 2 - Team 5[19 - 19]
Monday June 11th Team 3 - Team 4 [27 - 19]

Congratulations to Karen's Team 3 for winning this season's trophy!

Finals Spring 2012!

The last games have been played. The ranking determines which teams play each other in the final games of this season.

Monday June 4th
[19:30 - 20:30] Team 6 - Team 1
[20:30 - 21:30] Team 2 - Team 5

Monday June 11th
Team 3 - Team 4

Second International Brussels Netball Tournament!

Check the new section on our website for more information on the upcoming tournament!

Spring Season 2012 is about to kick off!

After two successful trial sessions, players are assigned to teams and the calendar has been made up. As announced, the first game of this season will be played on Monday 23 January 2012 in the Barn. To find who will be your team mates for the upcoming season and who you'll be playing against, check the 'Teams' and 'Games' sections.

The 'Ranking' part of this website will be updated after every game so you can keep a close eye to your team's position in the league.

Have a great season!

Spring Season 2012 - trial sessions

Dear all,

Happy New Year! As with last season, please see below the six groupings of players we'll be trialing on Monday 9 January at the sports hall at the British School of Brussels in Tervuren. Team trials will be for two weeks and the season's fixtures will then begin on 23 January.

If you don't find your name on a list below and still intend to play on a team, do let us know. Likewise, if your name appears below and you *won't* be playing with us next season, give a shout and I'll take you off the distribution list!

Please be so kind as to note your grouping for the first night back on the 9th, as the following schedule will apply:
19.20 - 20.30: Teams 1, 2 and 3
20.30 - 21.40: Teams 4, 5 and 6

However, courts and balls will be available from 19.00, in case anyone's up for a bit of a runaround before the games begin. Also on the 16th we'll be finalising team selection and assigning the groups to next season's captains.

In the meantime, please let us know if you have any questions and see you very soon!.

Katie LaZelle and Karen Ward